Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goodbye (for now) INF1240!!

(Apologies for cross-posting, as this was sent as an email to the class list earlier today):

A final note, to remind everyone about course evaluations, as well as relay some final thoughts on INF1240. 

First thing's first - I was asked to send out a message requesting that anyone who has not yet filled out the online evaluation for this course to please do so today (or first thing in the morning), as the system will close tomorrow at 9am. Participation in the evaluation of fall courses is pretty low - and I've been told that only 16 of my students have taken the time to fill one out for INF1240. To those 16 - thank you very much!!! For everyone else, the course evaluation form can be found hereJust sign in using your UTORid. 

As an instructor, these evaluations are VERY important to me. I use the feedback to improve my course design and delivery, tweak assignments, add/remove readings, etc. As you may already know, with every evaluation you complete you can enter in a draw to win a Dell netbook or one of two Apple i-Pod touch devices...pretty awesome!

Second, I want to thank you all for a wonderful semester filled with great discussion, excellent ideas, challenging questions and an inspiring display of collegiality and participation (both online and in-class). I feel very lucky to be spending these final days of the term reading through so many thoughtful, exciting research project proposals - projects that I sincerely hope many of you do decide to pursue someday. I really learnt a lot this semester, and truly hope that you did too.

Lastly - I want to wish you all the best and happiest of holidays. I hope that each of you takes the time to rest, relax and recuperate after this extremely busy (and at times hectic) semester. And of course...Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you in future courses and/or around the iSchool in 2011 :) 

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