Some thoughts on the peer review process by Joe McCarthy: 

Reflections on Reviews, Rebuttals and Respect

Merchants of Cool - Blurring methodologies (and ethics)

Writing for Readers
Presentation on writing your first article, advice for first-time authors, by Ken Wissoker.

Global/Demographic Studies
US State Department Hans  Rosling's TED Talk, presented in the summer of 2009: "Let my dataset change your mindset." 

Dark Days: Ethnography (Participant as non-member, becomes member)
Dark Days (2000) - Directed by Marc Singer
Documentary following the bleak lives of NYC homeless driven to live in abandoned subway tunnels. First time director, creates his film using a form of non-academic ethnography - observation and interviews that become increasingly participatory as the director himself becomes homeless (or very nearly) trying to cover the ongoing costs of making a documentary shot almost entirely in the dark. It took over 2 and a half years to film.

Michael Apted's Up Series
Another documentary film series of interest (to researchers and as an example of non-academic video research) is the Up Series (1964 - to present), directed by Michael Apted (for an example see: LINK). The film series chronicles a longitudinal study (again, non-academic) comprised of videotaped (and broadcast - on public television) interviews with 14 individuals. The project began when the "subjects" or participants were only 7 years old, and it is still going (the next instalment is due in 2012) although some of the participants have since dropped out. The series is an explicit deliberation on notions of the reproduction of class (with hints of Pierre Bourdieu's notion of "habitus"), and an implicit treatise on various types of "researcher effects" (such as demand characteristics or the Hawthorne effect - though admittedly the influence here may lie more in the fact that their responses are being televised across the UK, and now the world, than in the interview process itself). Warning - this series is totally addictive and once you get into it, it's extremely difficult not to want to know what happens next ;)