Fall2011 Lectures

For this course, lectures are presented using a free online program called Prezi. I like this presentation tool because of its fluidity and because it allows a better visual representation of linkages, relationships, and contexts. Whenever possible, I'll use the same Prezi file for several consecutive weeks, which means that I'll often be building upon an existing Prezi from one week to the next. Every Sunday evening, I'll reset the "script" so that you can view the new materials that I've added to the Prezi in the same order that I'm showing them in class. To "watch" the Prezi in this manner, simply click on the play button at the bottom of the viewer.

However, at any time you can deviate from the script and gain control of the "camera" - which means that you can zoom in, zoom out, go left or right, and basically move through the presentation at your own discretion. For instance, if you missed lecture a couple of weeks ago, you can go back and see the content reviewed in lecture. Everything is organized thematically, so follow the subject headings (rather than look for dates or assume the content is organized following any kind of linear logic) to find the relevant materials.

Here are the links to this semester's prezi's so far. I'll also embed them in the course blog on a regular basis.

Weeks 1-3: Research Methods: What, How and Why: http://prezi.com/clwbqfryt8zl/inf1240-research-methods-lectures-1-3/

Week 4: Interviews and Focus Groups (+ SSHRC workshop): http://prezi.com/dj-uabcjqemc/inf1240-research-methods-looking-at-specific-methods/

Week 5: Surveys and Experiments: http://prezi.com/4moul6grrias/inf1240-research-methods-surveys-experiments/

Week 6: Ethnography and Observation: http://prezi.com/kfz6h8fjcqve/fall-2011-inf1240-research-methods-ethnography/

If you're confused about how this works, please don't hesitate to ask for help!